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Inspiring A Lifetime Of Dance

Dawn Halpin has taught dance since 1984, is a CDTA Member, ADAPT Teacher, is Acrobatic Arts 
Module 2 Certified, and has Alixa Flexibility and Progressing Ballet Technique training. She worked as a 
RN in renal transplant & dialysis for 10 years, while still teaching dance. She directed & performed with 
Footsteps, which later became Fusion. She has co-owned and managed Bridgeview Dental for 22yrs.
Dawn taught & performed for Le Jazz Hot from 1995-2000 in Ottawa, then taught for DDA/Fusion &
managed their competitive team until 2019. Atlantic Branch Stage Chair of the CDTA 2015-2018, CDTA 
National Acro Chair & Co-Director of the ADF Competition for four years. Currently she is the CDTA 
Atlantic Acro Rep (2022), and became AAC2 certified through Acrobatic Arts in 2022.

Choreography Awards include:
Contemporary pieces:
“Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” (2018)
"Pacing" (2019);
"Extinct" (2021)
"Metamorphosis" (2022)
Lyrical pieces: 
"I Will Wait" (2020)
Acro pieces: 
"Ease On Down The Road" (2022)

“Pacing” was Vault Champion at Limelight (2019) and her Tap piece "More" won 1st place in overalls at 
Limelight, Champions & Millennium (2021).  Her Jazz piece "Get Up 'Offa That Thing" & Lyrical Piece 
"Open Hands" won 1st & 2nd Place Overalls at the ADF Atlantic Storm Dance-Off (2022).

Many of her students chose to pursue dance in their higher education, including York & Concordia. 
Dawn believes in proper technique, a variety of dance forms, choreographers & teachers. She feels 
instructors must be educated and strive for constant knowledge, in order to benefit their students. She 
thinks proper facilities, dance flooring and equipment - along with a supportive environment - are
essential for dancer development. Dawn brings enthusiasm, devotion, and passion to her classes.

Dawn Halpin: Dance Company
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