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Inspiring A Lifetime Of Dance

Dawn Halpin has taught dance since 1984, is a CDTA Member, ADAPT Teacher, is Acrobatic Arts Module 2 Certified, with Alixa Flexibility and Progressing Ballet Technique training. She worked as a registered nurse in renal transplant and dialysis for ten years, while always teaching dance as a second job. She directed and performed with Footsteps, which later became Fusion. She has co-owned and managed Bridgeview Dental for 24yrs, while raising four children with her partner Andy. Dawn taught and performed for Le Jazz Hot from 1995-2000 in Ottawa, then upon her return to Nova Scotia, taught for DDA/Fusion and managed their competitive team until 2019. She was the  Atlantic Branch Stage Chair of the CDTA from 2015-2018, CDTA National Acrobatic Chair & Co-Director of the ADF Competition for four years, and was the CDTA  Atlantic Acrobatic Representative in 2022. Many of her dancers have pursued dance in their higher education, including York, Concordia, School of Dance Ottawa and Toronto Dance Theatre.

Choreography Awards include:
Contemporary pieces:
“Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” (2018)
"Pacing" (2019);
"Extinct" (2021)
"Metamorphosis" (2022)
Lyrical pieces: 
"I Will Wait" (2020)

"Free" (2023)

"Jealous" (2023)

"La Vie En Rose" (2024)
Acro pieces: 
"Ease On Down The Road" (2022)

Jazz pieces:

"Splish Splash" (2023)

“Pacing” was Vault Champion at Limelight (2019) and her Tap piece "More" won 1st place in overalls at 
Limelight, Champions & Millennium (2021).  Her Jazz piece "Get Up 'Offa That Thing" & Lyrical Piece 
"Open Hands" won 1st & 2nd Place Overalls at the ADF Atlantic Storm Dance-Off (2022).


In 2021, Dawn had the opportunity to open her own studio with Jessica Lowe. She feels very blessed to work everyday with such amazing dancers and families, as she lives her dream of providing a professional facility in HRM for dancers of all ages, levels and abilities. Dawn believes in proper technique, a variety of dance forms, choreographers & teachers. She feels instructors must be educated and strive for constant knowledge, in order to benefit their students. She thinks proper facilities, dance flooring and equipment - along with a supportive environment - are essential for dancer development. Dawn brings enthusiasm, devotion, and passion to her classes.

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