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Developing Artistry One Voice at a Time

Jessica Lowe is originally from Dartmouth and graduated from York University’s BFA Dance Program in 2015. She went on to work with Toronto dance artists Julia Sasso, Carol Anderson, Susan Lee, John Ottman and Eryn Waltman. Jessica has performed with Eminence Dance Company, YA! Dance Company, York Dance Shows and Bazaar Showcases. She also worked as an intern at Canada’s dance magazine, The Dance Current.


Choreography Awards include:

Modern pieces:

"Stiklur" (2021)

"Hatchling" (2022)

"The Atlantic" (2022)

"Cardiac Arrest" (2023)

"Exploitation" (2023)

Contemporary pieces:

"Metamorphosis" (2022)

Open pieces:

"Falling Angel" (2023)

"Nemesis" (2023)

Lyrical pieces:

"La Vie En Rose" (2024)


Jess' Modern piece "Exploitation" was The Pit Phoenix Dance Challenge Champion in 2023.


Jessica returned to Dartmouth in 2016 and has since danced professionally with Mocean Dance and Votive Dance in Halifax, and Connection Dance Studio in Saint John. In 2018, she was the recipient of the Diane Moore Creation Award. Jessica is the Co-Artistic Director of Nostos Collectives, where she focuses her time creating professional performance opportunities for emerging artists. Jess travelled to Germany in the summer of 2022 to participate in Flow Acrobatics - a course to form a deeper understanding of integrating new movement patterns which are based on fluidity, resilience and lightness and have their origin in capoeira and contemporary dance.

An experienced teacher, Jessica has worked and taught at several studios in HRM. Owning her own dance studio is something she always wanted to do, so opening Illusion Dance Arts has made her dreams come true!

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