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Ryan Lowe has a Kinesiology Degree from Dalhousie University and is a Registered Massage Therapist, specializing in deep tissue massage and myofascial release. Since the age of five, Ryan has been practicing the sport of gymnastics. He is a five-time all around provincial champion and a seven-time Canadian Gymnastics Championships competitor. He has won two bronze medals at the Canadian National Gymnastics Championships and is a gold medal winner for high bar at the University of Calgary International Cup.

Ryan has an interest in everything sport-related which has brought him into the world of photography. As an emerging, practicing photographer, Ryan is passionate about action shots and outdoor panoramic shots. His recent interest is practicing aerial photography through drone work and has been involved in various dance projects. Dance film credits from 2020 include Language Landscapes (choreographed by Jessica Lowe and Amanda LaRusic) and Circadian Rhythm (choreographed by Anastasia Wiebe). Dance film credits from 2021 include a dance piece titled “BiteForce” (COVID-19 Response from the Arts Nova Scotia project choreographed by Jessica Lowe) and a dance piece titled “Reunion” (Nostos Collectives The Next Generation Program choreographed by Jessica Lowe).

We are lucky to have Ryan's tumbling expertise as part of the IDA team!

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